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Pothole digs for coins and rings in the wet zone
Author: Internet Tip
( If you dredge for gold, this is like sniping or crevacing for nuggets on bedrock) Again, when conditions are right, you can dig out deeper pockets on the hardpan or bedrock when the sand layer is thin or washed off from a large cut. Some of our rocky coves have had one side stripped of all sand from a south swell surge, combined with high tides, leaving a single layer of rocks and boulders on the bedrock from the low tide zone up to the bottom of the cliff face of the cove. This distance can cover some 150 ft. or more. At low tide, you follow the rocky ravines and trench lines moving up onto the beach and working your way up to the cliff. Rock clumps and clusters usually form on top of a pocket in the crevice or ravine making a natural trap for coins and rings that settled out from the former sand layers above. One cove had 8 ft. of sand removed down to the rock layer. On the following weekend, we pulled 27 rings, including a diamond wedding set from various rocky pockets. Some of the pockets yielded 200 to 300 coins each and were only 2 ft. long and about 12" deep. I use a small 2 ft. pry bar to dislodge the wedged in rocks. Then I quickly shovel or scoop out and sift the contents with a small wood framed screen and pick out the coins. I metal detect the bottom of the pocket last to locate coins hidden in cracks on edge and any possible rings still lurking on the bottom. On this weekend I also recovered over 100 silver coins from these same pockets. Within a week, over 2 ft. of sand had returned, covering most of this site.


I'll never forget the first time I swung a metal detector and it BEEPED! I dug up my treasure and I held that shiny circle of metal in my hand--a quarter!! Wow! A whole twenty-five cents! Since then I have treasured hunted all over the world. This site has info on metal detecting magazine and hopefully anything else you need to know about metal detecting, treasure hunting, and finding gold!

Good luck!


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What is Dowsing?
Author: Sam Stevens
Dowsing is definitely an intuitive art and one of the oldest forms of divination in the world. Perhaps the oldest and most familiar image we have a dowser is what is called a field or map dowser. This person walks over a landscape using a Y shaped or forked stick (sometimes called a doodlebug) to locate subterranean sources of water, oil or even precious minerals. The stick vibrates, crosses or shakes when the substance is found. Some dowsers will use two sticks held in one hand, and when the sticks cross, it signifies that a subtle astral or geopathic force has located the natural resource. This kind of dowsing is also used to locate things such as buried treasure, lost persons, missing jewelry and stray golf balls!
However, the kind of dowsing we are concerned with in this article would be for the purposes of divination. To do this you need to purchase or make what is called a “bobber” or a “pendulum”. This is simply a pointed object made of metal, crystal or wood that is attached to the end of a string or a rope. Crystals make excellent pendulums. To diagnose disease, use a rose quartz crystal. For general divination, a silver, lapis, wood or hematite pendulum works well. A pendulum can be anything that appeals to you, that is personal, feels like it conducts energy and can be hung from a chain or string. For instance, I have a little silver acorn charm that works perfectly as a pendulum. Some people use keys or talismans or charms such as a crucifix or ankh. Pendulums can be bought commercially online and in New Age or Occult Stores.
There are no strict rules around the practice of dowsing, however there are two methodologies behind the purpose of it.
The first methodology involves using the pendulum to answer a yes or no question. Some practitioners use a chart or a map, usually a square of paper with a circle drawn on it with the words YES or NO written at the four quarter points of the circle.
Sometimes, a direct answer can be written on the four points of the paper as well. For instance if the question is “Who does Bob love?” then you may have different options such as “Me”, “His Wife”, “His Child” or “Nobody” written on the four quarter points of the circle. The dowser holds the pendulum over the center of the circle concentrates and sees which answer the pendulum naturally sways towards.
There is also another direct method of getting a yes or no answer. Hold the pendulum straight between thumb and forefinger. Ask the question. If it sways to the right, the answer is YES. If it sways to the left, the answer is NO. If it goes in a clockwise circle, the answer is YES: a counterclockwise circle – NO.
Healers, to scan a body for disease, also use pendulums. The spinning in a counterclockwise circle is said to be an astral message that something is wrong with that part of a body. Also if the pendulum is just very active it can indicate an energy disturbance in a chakra or an imbalance of some kind. There is an old wives' tale too, that if a pendulum is held over the belly of a pregnant woman, it is a boy if it swings to the right or clockwise and a girl if it swings to the left or counterclockwise.
Before you start dowsing, you might want to say a little prayer, asking God or the powers that be for permission to dowse.
A Dowser’s Prayer from Samantha:
Dear God (Or Higher Power) Please help me be centered and grounded so that I may become a clear channel of your divine grace, direction and wisdom. Protect me from all negative energies and influences while I open myself up to do they work and guide me to finding the right answers for all those who come to me for advice and help. Amen.

About the Author

Sam Steven's metaphysical articles have been published in many high-standing newspapers and she has published several books. You can meet Sam Stevens at where she works as a professional psychic. You can also read more of her articles at where she is the staff writer. Currently she is studying technology's impact on the metaphysics.


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